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10 Signs you may need a travel agent:

  1. You NEED and DESERVE a break, but you don't have the time or mental capacity to plan one for yourself.
  2. You keep seeing pictures of beautiful vacations and wish that was you in that picture - you just don't know where to start.
  3. You've started to plan your dream vacation and stopped several times.
  4. There are TOO MANY CHOICES to figure out where to go!
  5. You're not sure how far your budget will go.
  6. You've never left the country before and are really intimidated to go to a non-English speaking country.
  7. You're not sure how to figure out what to do each day.
  8. You have a big celebration coming up - anniversary, milestone birthday, promotion, or other significant life event and need something extra special, but you're not sure what that is.
  9. You want to go on a pilgrimage, but you also want to see non-religious sites... and you're not sure how to mix the two vacation styles into one.
  10. You want to know there's a REAL PERSON who has your back while you're traveling!
  11. BONUS: You want to support a local, small business who passionately cares about your investment... and it makes a direct impact on her family!